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Naka Major League Tee

$ 99.99

This tee benefits Pitch In For Baseball.

From PitchInForBaseball.org:

Kids all over the world enjoy the game of baseball. And through Pitch In For Baseball, even kids in impoverished communities can get the chance to play this wonderful game.

The communities we serve often are struggling for their basic needs. We want to make sure that the kids in those communities aren't overlooked.

Baseball gives them the structure and freedom to be kids while making good decisions for their future. Kids not only have fun, but also learn important lessons for their future like teamwork, sportsmanship and dealing with adversity.

We ship new and gently used equipment to children all over the world, as well as here in the U.S. Anyone is eligible, so long as your community has a genuine need for youth baseball and softball equipment and the kids want to have fun. We normally work with leagues and programs in the community that have the ability to distribute the equipment and have a demonstrated track record of working with kids.

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